If Ye Break Faith

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Monday, 10 October 2016

A Thanksgiving Message from "If Ye Break Faith"

Today, Monday October 10 2016 is the Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada.  Many of you have come to expect a new article on a Monday morning, but this week, I have decided to take time to spend with family and reflect on what my gratitude is, and will return next week with my usual posting.

First and foremost, I am grateful to all the men and women, past present and future who stand up and volunteer to serve in the Canadian Forces. The memory of our antecedents in this service to country is the primary reason why I started "If Ye Break Faith"; to do what little I could to help perpetuate the memory and sacrifice of those who went before.  I am also extremely grateful for having the privilege of being
counted among their number. Thank You.

I am also grateful to you all who read my work, especially those of you who have been so kind as to give me feedback and helped me to get better at telling the stories I post here.  Everyone of you who counts as a "site hit" encourages me to make my next essay better than my last. Thank You.

I am extremely grateful to my family and friends, for their encouragement and support. There would be little motivation for me to continue this work without strong backing of loved ones, and without them, I certainly would not have had the courage to attempt larger projects, such as the "To You From Failing Hands" military decoration re-investment or my new book, "Killing is a Sin."

Thank You 

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