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Monday, 15 August 2011

Mutual Support

Well, it's been another good week for me, with a lot of new followers and insightful feedback.  However, as I made mention in my last posting, I'm currently in the middle of moving to my new apartment, and just haven't had the time to put together my usual update and essay as has been the fashion these past couple of months.  I will return on Thursday with a discussion on the purpose and execution of patrolling during the Great War, and investigate why Canadians seemed to do so well in this particular aspect of warfare.

In lieu of an essay, I thought it might be a nice idea to assemble a collection of links to sights and feeds of some people with which I have a mutual following on Twitter, as many of them support the same cause that this space is dedicated to, and they have shown me the courtesy of offering their support of my work.

The Memory Project is dedicated to recording first person experiences of war, through video and verbal interviews with veterans.

For the Fallen is a British site that acts as a catalogue and photographic record of Commonwealth war graves.

Blackboard Battlefield is a blog written by Laura Fraser, focussed on the education of history.

Honour our Forces is a not for profit group which supports charitable veteran's organisations in the UK.

Active History is a site which networks between historians and various media.

Regimental Books specialises in print media for Australian military history.

NATO Veterans, a Canadian site supporting veterans of NATO operations.

Pen and Sword Books a UK based publisher of military history.

History of Canada Online is a web resource for history education.

Memory to History is an event presented by the University of Western Ontario; a conference to be held in November to discuss the move of the First World War from living memory to distant history.

Soldiers of the 38th is a dedicated work of Ken Reynolds to record the members of the 38th Battalion, CEF.

Imperial War Museum, the official site of the IWM, one of the finest military history museums I know of, and a favourite spot of mine when visiting London, England.

There are so many more, and if I have neglected to mention you here, I apologise.  Please point out my oversight, and I will be sure to rectify any omissions in a future post.  I will endeavour to continue to bring to my small but growing audience interesting and thought provoking insights as to what the Great War means to history and to Canada, while keeping in mind the dedicated purpose of recording the lives of those who were killed on Active Service.  See you all here on Thursday.

Enjoy your week,

Christopher J Harvie,
Project Director, If Ye Break Faith

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